about schölly


EXCELLENCE INSIDE means shaping the future today.

Our employees are our greatest asset.

Ever since the company was established, we have known that a successful business cannot function without highly skilled employees who enjoy their work and are able to identify with what they do. In this sense, many long-time employees contribute to the working atmosphere at SCHÖLLY.

For a long time, we have invested in vocational training, and we regularly offer a wide range of qualified jobs. Many of the young people who undergo training at SCHÖLLY are still part of our corporate family today, or have since come back to join us. This means we can ensure a team of high-potential employees in the long term. Furthermore, investing in the future, we are able to transmit the values and philosophy of SCHÖLLY to apprentices right from the first day. Starting to work for the company as an intern or completing a thesis at SCHÖLLY are two other ways of gaining a strong foundation for a future career with SCHÖLLY.