EXCELLENCE INSIDE ist high end engineering made by SCHÖLLY.

  • Foundation
    SCHÖLLY was founded in 1973.

  • Proximity to customers 
    Through our close prospect with end users, the understanding of their challenges and permanent learning from each other we are innovative equal partners and thus reliable system supplier for our customers.

  • Success on the international stage
    SCHÖLLY is an international group of companies with around 550 employees with own locations in 6 countries.

  • Technology focus
    Visualization for surgery, diagnostics and inspection are the core issue of SCHÖLLY. We are a technology leader in the field of 3D and micro endoscopy.

  • Advanced Innovation
    Our own ambition for improvement and innovation is strengthened by external research and development collaborations.

  • Quality
    As a result of our high responsibility to offer customers, patients, and users the highest standard of quality in all our areas of business, we have a strong focus on globally uniform quality standards at SCHÖLLY.

  • Vertical range of manufacture
    From the single high-precision lens to complex visualization systems we manufacture all critical components at German or international locations of SCHÖLLY.

  • Corporate responsibility
    SCHÖLLY stands for responsible corporate behavior with regard to employees, customers, partners, suppliers, and our locations. To optimize profit, not to maximize it, is the guiding economic principle of the shareholders.