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Light Sources and Accessories

LED Light Sources – Natural Color Rendering at High Light Output

Long-lasting LED technology with optimum color rendering; the natural successor to xenon light sources
In the area of light source technology for medical endoscopy, the transition to LED is almost complete. The major benefit of LED modules is their exceptionally long life. They also offer high light output and are more energy saving and environmentally friendly than their xenon or halogen counterparts.

Besides brightness and a long life, natural color rendering and low noise levels are essential features of light sources for minimally invasive surgery. We therefore offer an LED light source with exceptional, xenon-equivalent color rendering of CRI Ra >90.

Customized Design Options
We offer a range of options for our light sources, allowing you to customize the appearance of your light sources. The products always feature your logo or chosen lettering to highlight your brand.

To accelerate time to market, we can simply and very swiftly supply a variant featuring your logo as an adhesive label affixed to the front foil. For larger order volumes of light sources, we offer even more options. For example, you could choose your own border color or a specific front foil design for your light sources.

Internationally approved
Our light sources for medical endoscopy are already approved in many countries. Assuming responsibility for the registrations yourself will save you considerable time and expense, and allow you to start selling more swiftly. If you want to register under your own name, we can supply the necessary documentation – or take over the entire registration process as a service for you.

ManufacturerThis means there are two routes to becoming a market operator: as a manufacturer with your own registrations or as a brand for which SCHÖLLY FIBEROPTIC GMBH is the registered manufacturer.

More information about our project process is available here.

Light Source FLEXILUX 300 LED

The latest LED light source – exceptionally bright with a high color rendering index

LED light source with an exceptional color rendering index (CRI Ra) of > 90, patented automatic light control in combination with FlexiVision 20 cameras, multi-light-guide adapter, and virtually silent running.

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Light Source FLEXILUX 200 LED

The standard LED light source – for all endoscopic procedures

LED light source with multi-light-guide adapter, high output, large LCD display, dimmable from 5-100%, and significantly lower total cost of ownership compared to xenon light sources.

Light Guides and Adapters

Robust light guides – with different endoscope and light guide adapters

The autoclavable light guide with Kevlar anti-kink protection is available with a 3.5 mm or 4.8 mm diameter in lengths of 1.8 m, 2.3 m, and 3.0 m. Scope of delivery includes various adapters for connecting to endoscopes and light sources of other manufacturers.