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Very Bright LED Light Source with CRI Ra >90

Luminous intensity, color rendering index (CRI), lamp life, noise generation, and temperature development are all important considerations when purchasing endoscopic light sources. Our light source FlexiLux 300 LED has an additional feature: patented automatic light control, permitting reliable and efficient use in combination with the FlexiVision 20 camera.



Key Features

High color rendering index (CRI)

  • The extremely high CRI Ra of >90 compared to other light sources permits optimum color rendering of an endoscopic image.
  • The on-screen color reproduction is very natural, unlike models with lower CRI values (~ 70), whose color reproduction tends to be less saturated and somewhat distorted.
  • A lower CRI value cannot be compensated by camera algorithms such as the automatic white balance.
  • In a clinical setting in particular, neutral, realistic color reproduction is an essential component of good picture quality.

Low noise level

  • Thanks to its sophisticated cooling design, the light source generates a noise level of just 25 dB, which is virtually inaudible.
  • The lower the noise levels in the OR, the lower the stress levels, which helps to ensure a more pleasant work environment.

Multi-light-guide adapter

  • Thanks to its included multi-light-guide adapter, the light source is compatible, without modification, with light guides of Storz, Wolf, and Olympus.
  • If a light guide is connected to the light source incorrectly, a message appears on the display, informing the user of this.

Automatic light control

  • Patented fully automatic light control via the MIS bus interface with the FlexiVision 20 camera.
  • The user always gets the best image impression with optimal adjustment between luminous intensity of the LED light source, exposure time and electronic light amplification (gain) of the camera.


FlexiLux 300 LED light source

  • CRI Ra >90
  • Multi-light-guide adapter
  • Patented automatic light control in combination with FlexiVision 20 cameras
  • MIS-Bus
  • Meets the high requirements for CF with defibrillators

Customized Design Options

Our expertise labeled with your name.

  • You can either register the light source under your own name or use our registration with the "Made by SCHÖLLY" label.
  • In either case, you can choose between various different design variants, as befits your brand. For larger order volumes of light sources, we offer even more options. For example:
  • Application of an adhesive label featuring your logo
  • Your own front foil design including individual labeling
  • A selection of different front frame colors
  • A selection of different function button illumination colors
  • A selection of different display colors

Service Options

  • The SCHÖLLY Repair Centers are available to your customers all over the globe.
  • With our extensive technical services we strengthen the range of services you can offer to your customers.






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