Consulting and Support

We are pleased to advise and support you in those areas that are important to you.

Verlässliche Qualität bei allen Service-Leistungen


Approval strategy

Regarding approval, you have a choice: You can purchase our products under our registrations and therefore enter a market quickly. Or your company can act as the manufacturer with your own registration on the market, which has different requirements and documentation needs depending on the land and regulatory body.

With both options, our salespeople and regulatory affairs specialists gladly support you. They make direct submissions to agencies such as the FAD, CFDA, ANVISA, etc. and have contact with important authorities.

To be able to develop a suitable strategy for you, we analyze which products you are able to sell in which countries at which time and compare the registration options with the expected costs.

Service contracts

Maintenance contracts, service contracts for end clients, worry-free full service packages - which service contracts fit your concept and your client structure? We gladly advise you on your options and recommend a suitable service contract for each product.


Installation and Training in Operating Rooms

Every operating room is different. Particularly when it comes to connecting camera and light source to an existing monitor design. How can cabling be done safely and how can the operating room personnel optimally fulfill the surgeon's specifications as to which image should be shown on which monitor?

Many of our products are based on a plug-and-play design. Nevertheless special requirements arise again and again. Tips from the manufacturer can be helpful in these matters. We gladly share these with your sales team and support you during installation of the equipment in the operating room.


Technical specifications are subject to change. The information is not legally binding. The contents are only for information about our products. Reprint, in whole or in part, is not permitted. Medical devices are only allowed to be marketed and used in countries where they have been approved for sales by regulatory authorities. For information on the available market access please contact us.