Visual Inspection



Cost-efficient repairs in turbines

Foreign objects such as grains of sand or the remains of a bird strike can cause damage in turbines. Since the disassembly of a turbine is a high time and cost factor, defects such as nicks or notches on turbine blades are repaired on-wing with the fully Flexible Borescope Blending Tool, i.e. without time-consuming engine disassembly. Damaged material is removed and the defect area smoothed. A continuation of the nick and the subsequent removal of material are effectively prevented and a long-term failure of the turbine due to disassembly can be avoided.




Flexible Borescope Blending Tool

The Flexible Borescope Blending Tool from SCHÖLLY is ideal for the mechanical machining of engine defects. With the 4-fold bending of the distal end, the tool head can easily access difficult places inside the turbine. A 1:1 ratio of the control wheels on the handpiece enables precise, intuitive tool guidance. The long flexible shaft with tungsten braiding and stainless steel sheathing offers high abrasion resistance and is ideally suited for daily use.

Different tool heads

Resistant and robust tool heads for milling, grinding and polishing can be easily exchanged via screw threads. They consist of tool insert and bearing, which can also be obtained as spare parts.

Micromotor and micromotor control

A powerful brushless motor drives the mechanical shaft at the end of which the tool head is located. The motor speed is set by means of a control knob on the micromotor controller. The engine has an output of 1,000 to 40,000 rpm. The engine is switched on and off by pressing the foot pedal.

A separate visualization system (videoscope, endoscopic camera system) is required for the visualization of the repair area.