For the inspection of smallest components and finest bore holes SCHÖLLY offers with the micrendo-line products with smallest working diameters.

These borescopes enable you inspection possibilities in diameters between 0.35 mm and 4.0 mm. That allows also to control bore holes in smallest parts regarding burrs or filing residues or to inspect soldered or welded connections.

Due to the different models of micrendo products as for example with wide angle objectives, side view or the use of rotatable mirror tubes you can choose exactly the right product for your requirement. Also for inspections tasks without a straight access our full flexible fiberscopes of the micrendo program allow you a view inside.


Inspections of small parts and finest bore holes without access for a rigid instrument the flexible products of micrendo fiberscope-series offer a wide range of diameters starting from 0.35 mm.




Micro Borescopes

For the inspection of smallest components and finest bore holes SCHÖLLY offers the micrendo®-line products with smallest working diameters. For all-round inspections they can be used together with rotatable mirror tubes.

  • Diameter 1.8 - 2.7 mm
  • Optional mirror tubes 70° and 90°



Wide Angle Borescopes

Micrendo borescopes with highest image quality are available in smallest diameters. Due to their wide angle objective SCHÖLLY micrendo wide angle borescopes provide also in smallest diameters a good overview. They are especially used if quick and clear visual inspections have to be done in a shortest time as for example in the production control.

  • Diameter 1.8 - 4 mm
  • Wide angle objective with 80° - 100° field of view



Suitable Products