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Excellence Inside

We visualize the hidden for the well-being of people

Decades of knowledge enable us to create visualization systems with excellent image quality. To do this, we combine passion with technology.
We tirelessly push boundaries - from 2D to 3D, from invisible to visible - and skillfully translate insights into OEM solutions and OEM products.

Endoscopic visualization systems for human welfare

We make visible what is otherwise hidden and thus create valuable insights for the user. In doing so, we tirelessly push the boundaries: from large to small, from 2D to 3D, from invisible to visible.

Medical Endoscopy

Endoscopic visualization systems for industrial inspection tasks

SCHÖLLY has been a competent partner for 50 years when it comes to the development of individual visualization systems with the best image quality and innovative product properties.

Visual Inspection

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In focus: the new NIR fluorescence imaging system!

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EXCELLENCE INSIDE can be found in each of us

What distinguishes SCHÖLLY employees, in addition to their professional qualification, is the enthusiasm with which they go to work. We promote this attitude with our philosophy of valuing each individual equally and of learning by doing – both from and with others. Flat hierarchies and clear areas of responsibility on the one hand, together with a high level of participation and personal responsibility on the other, characterize the working environment at SCHÖLLY.

Career at SCHÖLLY

50 years of experience in endoscopic visualization

Our desire to develop solutions that benefit people is a source of pride. Driven by this desire, the visionary spirit of our company, and our openness to market changes, SCHÖLLY continues to successfully develop innovative technologies.

Implemented in state-of-the-art visualization systems, these technologies help to drive progress in both medicine and industry.