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EXCELLENCE INSIDE is our standard - Globally

A strict focus on the customer, strong products, and a capable after sales service are fundamental for success. Our global service network offers a convincing range of tailored packages to meet the needs of our customers. Thanks to this group network, we can also offer professional contacts and local customer support in your own language, taking into account cultural differences when it comes to ways of thinking.


Established in 2005
Our customer support and service center in Northborough, near Boston, is an important and valuable resource for the management of OEM projects and sales activities for our customers in the American market.

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Established in 2006
A team of about 20 employees working from Belo Horizonte provides professional customer support and technical service for the entire Latin American market.

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Established 2006
A small, specialized team of well networked colleagues from Germany and China along with trained service technicians serve the local market from Guangzhou in South China.

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Established in 2002
Our Japanese colleagues have many years of experience in customer support, especially with regards to industrial products. Further they act as contacts for local OEM projects as well as technical service according to customer needs.

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