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EXCELLENCE INSIDE is our standard - Globally

Modern production and technology locations.

We can be proud of our production standards in Germany and Bulgaria. However, we do not intend to rest on this success because the demands on quality and process reliability are extremely high in our work environment. To create the perfect product, we therefore work continuously to optimize processes and establish uptodate production standards. Because we want to offer you the highest quality made by SCHÖLLY today and in the future, we provide training to all employees that offer customer support and technical service around the world, familiarizing them with our processes and methods to create uniform standards.


Established in 1973
At our company headquarters, we work with some 350 employees in modern production facilities, offices, and logistics buildings to the latest 5S standards for workplace organization and in accordance with the relevant certification. Many long-time employees and a friendly working atmosphere where people are treated equally are key aspects of our vibrant corporate culture.


Established in 2004
This joint venture with Optix AG in Bulgaria, based in the optical cluster of Panagyurishte, is almost a carbon copy of our production operation in Denzlingen. A very young and motivated team of around 200 employees, most of whom were trained in Germany, act as an extended production line, carrying out work to the same high standards as the headquarters.

Company Profile

C.R.S. iiMotion, Villingen-Schwenningen

Established in 2013
Around 30 highly trained software engineers develop customized image processing solutions for the entire video processing chain. In close coordination with SCHÖLLY, the team works on video algorithms and AI development solutions for visualization systems and test systems in production.