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Company Profile

SCHOELLY-OPTIX OOD was founded in 2004 as a joint venture between two major players in endoscopy and optics: SCHÖLLY FIBEROPTIC GMBH, a leading German supplier of 3D-HD scopes and endoscopy solutions and OPTIX AG, a top manufacturer of optical components and systems in Bulgaria. This cooperation created the biggest supplier of endoscopy visualization technology in Eastern Europe and put Bulgaria on a 9th place worldwide in the ranking of endoscopy-producing countries.

With our team of 200 trained professionals we guarantee uncompromising quality at highly competitive prices.

We are experts in manufacturing rigid and flexible HD endoscopes for medical and industrial applications, 3D-HD endoscopy and visualization, fiberoptic components (glass or plastic) as well as objectives and oculars for all known kinds of endoscopes.

Krastyo Geshanov 30
4500 Panagyurishte

Customer Service:

Fon: +359 (357) 60 125