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Blood donation campaign at SCHÖLLY – Achieving great things together

A blood donation campaign took place at SCHÖLLY for the second time and was once again met with great response. 73 donors registered, including 33 first-time donors.

The DRK blood donation service arrived at SCHÖLLY that day with a large truck, doctors and specialist staff and routinely set up its equipment in the spacious lounge. Supported by the local DRK, SCHÖLLY's voluntary donors gradually arrived.

For many it was a nice change with low hurdles. Because everyone could go into the SCHÖLLY basement during working hours, have blood drawn and then fortify themselves at a rich buffet. This was an opportunity to get to know colleagues from other departments. A total of 28.5 liters of blood were donated, a great success and a nice sign of the social commitment of the employees. As a thank you, each donor received a small gift.

As a company in the medical sector, we work every day with products and solutions that contribute to people's well-being. With the blood donation campaign, everyone was able to make a personal contribution.