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Donation for “Zusammen erLeben” association

The association "Zusammen erLeben" is happy about a donation in the amount of 660,- Euro. This amount was collected during the Christmas collection of the staff of Schölly Fiberoptic GmbH and was handed over on July 2, 2021.

At the donation handover: from left to right, Monika Winkler, Christian Bauer and Lisa Winkler from Zusammen erLeben as well as Antje Springweiler, Sebastian Meyer, Veronika Ringwald and Michael Mattes, from Schölly (Image: SCHÖLLY)

Christian Bauer, co-founder and 1st chairman of the association and Monika and Lisa Winkler gladly came to Schölly on this sunny Friday afternoon to receive the check.

On behalf of the association, they thanked the entire Schölly staff and the donor Veronika Ringwald and informed the delegation of the works council about the origin of the association, the status of the project and about the future planned communal living together of the five girls and five boys between 18-21 years of age, some of whom are independent and communicative, some of whom require a high level of care and support.

The future living space for the 10 young people is currently being built in the "Quartier Dreikönig" in Emmendingen, where they will be able to "live together" in the community. Sharing fun and joy, overcoming hurdles together, organizing leisure activities and thus participation in social life is thus encouraged.

Living in the residential group relieves the parents/families in everyday life and at the same time makes it easier for them to let go of their children into adult life.

Lisa Winkler, one of the future residents of the group home, is already looking forward to moving in and can hardly wait to start a self-determined and self-responsible life in the middle of society.

The Schölly staff is happy to support this project and hopes that it will set a precedent and thus bring special people further into the center of society.

Every year, the Schölly works council thinks about who should be supported with the money traditionally collected before Christmas. The suggestions come from the workforce. The selection process considers whether the institution is located in the Denzlingen area or whether there is a personal connection.


More Information

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The company's focus is the engineering and production of customer-specific visualization systems for the business fields of Medical Endoscopy Visual Inspection. From endoscopes, camera systems, and light modules, all the way to complex visualization systems, the company offers a wide range of products and services. It was and is the driving force behind the transition from 2D to 3D visualization systems and in the miniaturization of endoscopes.

The company was founded in 1973 and has about 550 employees worldwide. Its six sales and service branches are, along with the corporate headquarters, responsible for the support of the globally active customers and the acquisition of new projects. In 2020, Schölly generated sales of around 147 million euros. The share of development costs is around 10%.

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