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EXCELLENCE INSIDE describes SCHÖLLY in a nutshell

Our energy

EXCELLENCE INSIDE is part of our brand and a commitment to everyone who comes into contact with the SCHÖLLY brand.

We work every day to create new perspectives to give customers and users an excellent view. The resulting solutions make a significant contribution to people’s health and well-being. This knowledge drives us and fills us with pride.

Our commitment

EXCELLENCE INSIDE is the expectation we place on ourselves and sums up what we do:

  • The absolute aspiration to create an excellent view for everyone
  • A deep understanding of our customers’ needs
  • The wide range of applications of our products
  • The uncompromising quality of our components
  • The shared enthusiasm for what we do
  • The high qualification and motivation of our employees
  • The solid anchoring of our values
  • The conscientious way we approach things
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Our quality

EXCELLENCE INSIDE is the basis of our high quality responsibility towards customers, patients and users in all business areas. At SCHÖLLY, we place a strong focus on this topic. Thanks to our high product quality  and our commitment to continuously developing these quality standards, we have proven to be a competent partner in many areas.

But our holistic understanding of quality goes far beyond the product. Our customers determine our quality requirements, we apply our value benchmarks and combine them with national and international standards. These requirements aim to ensure the safe and reliable use of our products.

Our innovations

We are constantly investing in improving and developing complex technological solutions and state-of-the-art visualizations. In addition to our close and often long-standing cooperation with our OEM partners, we also rely on cooperation with external partners, universities and research institutions.

With access to basic developments, we are already working on tapping into future application areas. Always driven to develop new technological and beneficial solutions for progress in surgery, diagnosis, therapy or industry.

Our success is based on our many years of experience, quality and reliability in our work, as well as the passion of all those involved in the development process. We are constantly on the lookout for new things, which is reflected in our open culture of innovation, which is deeply anchored in all employees. We continuously scrutinize existing processes and structures and develop the products further, so that we can work in a structured manner and still remain flexible. The qualification and motivation of our employees is an essential part of this, and we value our employees greatly. Only together can we live up to our claim EXCELLENCE INSIDE.

Our cooperation partners include:

Our patents

Developing solutions for the benefit of people fills us with pride. Inspired by this thought, the visionary spirit in the company and the openness to changes in the market, SCHÖLLY succeeds in developing new technologies time and again.

Patent list