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Our mission statement

Our openness and courage have made us who we are today: A world-leading expert in visualization. Undaunted by big ideas, SCHÖLLY has matured over decades. However, we always kept our feet firmly on the ground. 
Our mission statement – vision, mission and values – is an important foundation for success and the guiding principle for how we treat each other.


We create new perspectives for people’s well-being.

With a focus on new perspectives, we overcome boundaries. This makes our vision constantly focused on creating new perspectives – for the well-being of people around the world, health and technological progress. The basis for this is our foresight in visualization and our commitment to EXCELLENCE INSIDE.


We offer an excellent view for everyone

To create new perspectives, we work every day to provide customers and users with an excellent view. This results in solutions that make a significant contribution to people’s health and well-being. This knowledge fills us with pride and drives us to peak performance.

Corporate values

Value-oriented action is particularly important to SCHÖLLY. The values express the company’s identity and are the basis for our success. They form the basis of our everyday interactions.


We offer solutions along the entire visualization chain.

Our strength lies in thinking in terms of our customers’ different business models and market field strategies, and in providing tailored visualizations.

We are an OEM manufacturer. Our customers are global companies that supply their products and solutions to the healthcare market and technical sector.

SCHÖLLY as an employer

Creating new perspectives together with an excellent view: SCHÖLLY develops and creates meaningful products used for the benefit of people that are in high demand all over the world. The commitment of each and every employee contributes to the development, production and on-time delivery of technically demanding products and services.