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Who we are

Every day, we work to provide customers and users with an excellent view. Our products and solutions contribute to the well-being of people all over the world. This knowledge fills us with pride and drives us forward.

Cutting-edge technology by people for people

550 employees in 6 countries work on outstanding visualization solutions every day: Cutting-edge technology that shows quality engineers in the industrial environment deviations inside the component through image rendering in uncompromising sharpness. Cutting-edge technology that provides surgeons in the operating room with gentle access to the inside of the body and provides images that form the basis for important decisions.

Knowing that our products are used to ensure the health and well-being of people all over the world gives meaning to each of our work steps.

Hand in hand with the global players

As an OEM manufacturer, we work closely with global players from the medical and industrial sectors. Together with leading companies, we develop products and solutions that advance progress in medicine and industry. Whether for robot-assisted high-tech devices or hand-held systems, SCHÖLLY is responsible for an important part of the whole: the view of the essential. Our 50 years of expertise in visualization and our drive to use the latest and best technology are reflected in our globally successful products.

From Denzlingen to the world

SCHÖLLY headquarters are located in Denzlingen, around 10 km from Freiburg. Our global offices are important units for ensuring proximity to our customers and market developments.

Agile with the tailwind of the parent company

SCHÖLLY has been a subsidiary of Aesculap / B. Braun since 2021. Being part of a group means that SCHÖLLY enjoys the security of a global company. SCHÖLLY is the visualization expert in the large network. Just like before the affiliation, SCHÖLLY is independent and agile in its markets.