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Be part of EXCELLENCE INSIDE and help shaping the future.

Vocational training at SCHÖLLY is special because it is based on mutual trust. Our trainees can confide in us that we provide them with exciting tasks - they are among the best in regional comparison. We trust that our trainees are fully engaged – both on the job and in school.

Why do we do this? Schölly has participated in vocational training since 1984 and has managed, for the most part, to keep its trainees in the company.

Dual Study System

After finishing a vocational training program at SCHÖLLY; a dual study system  program can be offered. At present, we offer the following courses of study:

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Machine Engineering, Studies in Construction and Development at the DHBW in Lörrach

The apprentice project Instagram

Since February 1, 2024, SCHÖLLY has been on Instagram – an exciting project initiated by our apprentices. On the account, our apprentices provide insights about the apprenticeship and provide exciting behind-the-scenes insights.

What is special is that our apprentices are responsible for managing the account and also take over the design of the content.

Active participation and participation are very important to us, because our trainees make a significant contribution to the development of the company. For this reason, the Instagram project is now becoming a lively part of the training environment.

Stop by and support our trainees in their journey on Instagram: