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Duration of training: 3 years
Learning places: company and vocational school

Industrial Business Management Assistant (m/f/d)

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Andrea Hauschel
Senior Human Resources Specialist
+49 7666 908-507

Job profile Industrial Business Management Assistant

Industrial Business Management Assistant in an industrial company using SCHÖLLY as an example

SCHÖLLY is a family-run, market-oriented industrial company. We manufacture and distribute visualization systems and are the world market leader in 3D endoscopy. Our focus is on Medical Endoscopy and Visual Inspection. SCHÖLLY’s industrial business management assistants support all business processes from an economic point of view, from order initiation to customer service after order realization.
Activities / Job profile

Basically, industrial business management assistants manage business processes in the company. This means, for example, that they compare offers in materials management, negotiate with suppliers and supervise the acceptance and storage of goods. In the production sector, they plan, manage and supervise the production of goods and services and draw up order documents. Drawing up calculations and price lists and conducting sales negotiations with customers is often also part of their area of responsibility in sales. They may also be involved in targeted marketing strategies.

They work in the fields of accounting or finance, they process, book and control transactions arising from business transactions. In the field of human resources, they may be responsible for identifying staff needs and for recruiting and selecting staff.
Where are the opportunities to work?

Industrial business management assistants can work in the company in almost all sectors of the economy. They spend time in offices and meeting rooms, where they can, for example, book business transactions, create offers, or discuss sales promotion measures on the computer. 

What is important?

Flexibility is important because in this profession, for example, you have to switch quickly between different activities and respond to different customer requirements. Communication skills are required, e. g. in customer consultation, negotiation skills are necessary, e. g. when purchasing materials, production equipment and services. Knowledge of mathematics helps to compile, for example, the cost of manufacturing materials, salaries and rent. If negotiations with suppliers have to be conducted, knowledge of economics is required. Accounting skills are useful to book business transactions. For international customer or supplier contacts, knowledge of foreign languages in English is helpful, and at SCHÖLLY it is even necessary. For the processing of marketing documents, a good ability to express and speak German is an advantage. IT skills help you to work on the computer. Knowledge of 10-fingering is useful for business correspondence, which is required at SCHÖLLY.

Which school-leaving certificate is expected?

No specific schooling is required by law. In practice, companies mainly employ apprentices with university entrance qualification, but at SCHÖLLY they also have a good secondary school qualification.
That’s what we offer

A sound training in a globally active company. You will be actively involved in the various tasks of the industrial business management assistants right from the start. Do you want a challenging start to your professional life and are you willing to give your best in the company and at the vocational school? Then we look forward to receiving your application.

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Experience report Industrial Business Management Assistant

A experience report from a former trainee:

During my 3-year apprenticeship as an industrial business management assistant at SCHÖLLY, I was given the opportunity to support all business processes from an economic point of view, from order initiation to customer service after order realization. As a trained industrial business management assistant, I could therefore work in almost all sectors of the economy.

The entry into professional life was made very pleasant by the open and friendly nature of the employees in the different areas. All apprentices in the first year of apprenticeship also received an additional “godfather” who always helped us with questions during the initial period. In each department, I was very well integrated into the team and therefore quickly felt comfortable and in good hands. At the beginning in a new department, I received the basic knowledge from the respective training officer. Each task was done slowly and calmly, so I was able to take notes, which later helped me to work through the processes safely. After a short time I was able to master many tasks on my own and thus work independently. Because you are also assigned very responsible tasks, you can see how much confidence SCHÖLLY has in the trainees. I find this point distinguishing an apprenticeship at SCHÖLLY.

In order for us trainees to see what the individual devices look like and what parts the devices are made of, I also got the opportunity to work in the camp. Here I learned how the goods are received and how the goods are picked and packaged in the outgoing goods. These departments, as you might think, do not really belong in an apprenticeship as an industrial manager. However, they complete the knowledge of how processes are interlinked.
During my apprenticeship I also had frequent contact with customers and suppliers. I had to deal with suppliers in purchasing and internal logistics, while in sales I had more contact with customers. I had contact with both when I was working at the reception. Here I accepted incoming calls and learned to help callers professionally. Even when customers came to our house in person, it was always a question of being friendly and accommodating.
SCHÖLLY also gives us trainees an insight into smaller companies. That’s why I was trained at two subsidiaries, which are also based in Denzlingen. Here it is interesting to see that one person is responsible for several departments, which of course is also due to the fact that the subsidiaries are much smaller and more manageable.

For almost all the areas I went through during my apprenticeship, I had to deal with the different Office programs or the Intranet as well as the ERP program NAVISION. Once or twice a week I attend the vocational school in Waldkirch. Here you learn the theory of the different tasks of an industrial business management assistant. During my apprenticeship, I always notice how the theory at school and the practice at work complement each other very well. 

During my apprenticeship, I noticed how I developed myself. Tasks that used to be difficult, such as making calls with customers or suppliers, are now part of everyday life. I think SCHÖLLY has prepared me well for my professional life as an industrial business management assistant and I am still grateful to have been given an apprenticeship in this company.

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