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Duration of training: 3,5 years
Learning places: company and vocational school

Technical Product Designer (m/f/d)

Your contact:
Andrea Hauschel
Senior Human Resources Specialist
+49 7666 908-507

Job profile Technical Product Designer

Technical Product Designer in an industrial company using SCHÖLLY as an example

SCHÖLLY is a family-run, market-oriented industrial company. We manufacture and distribute visualization systems and are the world market leader in 3D endoscopy. Our focus is on Medical Endoscopy and Visual Inspection. In the Research and Development division, the Technical Product Designers translate the specifications of the designers into technical plans and documents, which are finally implemented in production.

Activities / Job profile

Technical product designers (m/f/d) in the field of machine and plant design are involved in the development of technical products. Based on technical and design specifications, they design and construct components and assemblies as well as everyday objects with 3D CAD programs. Typical tasks at SCHÖLLY are:

  • Create optical, mechanical, and electronic parts to be assembled in assemblies, and create corresponding drawings with SolidWorks
  • Assemble (link) assemblies and create assembly drawings
  • Create part numbers and parts lists in our ERP system NAVISION
  • Add and manage SolidWorks, PDF and Zip files in the database in MaxxDB
  • Change, revise and re-create laser marking drawings
  • Versioning and sending changes to individual parts and assemblies
  • Create and edit old cadkey drawings (2D drawings) in SolidWorks (3D drawings)
  • Cooperation and communication with other departments such as industry or technical service
  • Production, Purchasing and Production Preparation
  • Preparation of drawings for Biokom declarations and international approvals

Where are the opportunities to work?

Technical product designers (m/f/d) in the field of machine and plant design work in development and design departments of industrial companies in different sectors, e. g. in the automotive and aircraft construction, in medical technology and in the consumer goods and packaging industry. They also work in design offices and for industrial service providers.

What is important?

Care and structure are important, e. g. in the precise production of drawings according to the order specification. Technical Product designers (m/f/d) require knowledge in the fields of works and technology, e. g. to make plans and sketches. Mathematical knowledge is indispensable for calculating scales or parameters. Knowledge of physics is required in order to assess applications for electronic components or to be able to consider building physics requirements when implementing them. Spatial imagination is also a basic requirement.

Which school-leaving certificate is expected?

No specific schooling is required by law. In practice, we mainly hire trainees with an intermediate education qualification.

That’s what we offer

A well-founded training in a globally active company. You will be actively involved in the various tasks of the Technical Product Designers (m/f/d) right from the start. Do you want a challenging start to your professional life and are you willing to give your best in the company and at the vocational school? Then we look forward to receiving your application.

Experience report Technical Product Designer

A experience report from a former trainee:

During my 3 1⁄2 year training as a technical product designer at SCHÖLLY FIBEROPTIC GMHB I was able to learn a lot about manufacturing processes, constructions, technical basics and document maintenance.

At the beginning of my apprenticeship it was mainly about acquiring technical basics as well as using the CAD program (SolidWorks), the ERP system (NAVISION) and the MS Office applications. Learning the new programs was made much easier by internal trainings. The entry into the company/working life was also very easy for me, as I was in the 2. and 3rd month of my apprenticeship I had a run through many technical departments to get to know the different structures and production processes. During this course I got to know a lot of nice colleagues who were always there to help me with questions and problems during the training and afterwards.

Apart from that, in my first year of apprenticeship I was able to get to know the full range of our products and work with them to get a feel for these demanding tasks. Just as you know it from other things in life, more demanding jobs also increase the responsibility you bear for your work.

In the further course of my apprenticeship I worked a lot with the various development groups at SCHÖLLY. For example, in my second year of apprenticeship, I supervised the Department of Manufacture, which is responsible for custom-made products and special orders in the industrial sector. In the course of a restructuring of development, I moved to the department of 3D Endoscopy, where I was able to implement and consolidate what I had learned and gain experience in injection moulding and electronics. Thanks to a new project in this department, I was able to be closely involved in the development of a new 3D endoscope and to participate in it.

After finishing my apprenticeship I was hired by SCHÖLLY and I am responsible for the teams 3D-OEM and Advanced Technologies. My job as a Technical Product Designer in these teams is to put the designs of the designers and engineers on paper and design them so that they can be manufactured. In this process, I check the constructions for feasibility and correctness, convert the constructions (3D) into technical drawings (2D), maintain them in our databases, pass them on to the production preparation department and take care of problems that arise in the production process together with the designers/engineers. Because of these versatile tasks, it always remains exciting and varied.

My conclusion:

I recommend anyone who wants to do an apprenticeship in the technical field and is interested in medical technology to do it at the company SCHÖLLY. I can only speak from my own experience, because here you are taught very well and responsibly from the very beginning, and always supported. If I had any questions, the employees were always there to help me solve problems and questions. The apprenticeship is very varied and exciting, you learn a lot about the different processes and receive in-depth technical knowledge. But you also learn for yourself, your private life and your upcoming professional life. But what drives you most to be part of this company is to know that the products you’re working on are designed to make it easier for doctors to do their jobs and to allow patients to perform gentler surgeries.