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EXCELLENCE INSIDE is what defines and drives us.

Company founders Regula and Werner Schölly († 2016)



Regula Schölly with daughter
Claudia Schölly-Holubarsch

Brave with a grip on reality.

Although SCHÖLLY started out as a small operation in Denzlingen back in 1973, the company founders Regula and Werner Schölly already had a very clear goal in mind: to lead a-down-to-earth company that pursues its own ideas with courage, a visionary force, and private venture capital. Against this background, SCHÖLLY quickly developed from being the manufacturer of a single device to a provider of complex visualization systems. From the very start, the company has been driven by the goal to develop the perfect product for each customer, meeting any specific requirements.

Continuation across the generations.

To lead a down-to-earth company, that pursues its own ideas with courage, vision, and its own venture capital is still a goal the family stands firmly behind to this day. Mother and daughter work closely with the management board to establish guidelines for the company‘s future growth. By combining many years of experience with fresh ideas, the two generations help drive the company forward. This sustainable development provides stability for the employees while at the same time creating space for bold new ideas.

As the company continues to grow, it is important to the family to keep listening to its employees across all the generations and preserve the family spirit within the company.