about schölly


EXCELLENCE INSIDE is what defines and drives us.

Company founders Regula and Werner Schölly

Brave with a grip on reality.

Although SCHÖLLY started out as a small operation in Denzlingen back in 1973, the company founders Regula and Werner Schölly already had a very clear goal in mind: to lead a-down-to-earth company that pursues its own ideas with courage, a visionary force, and private venture capital. Against this background, SCHÖLLY quickly developed from being the manufacturer of a single device to a provider of complex visualization systems. From the very start, the company has been driven by the goal to develop the perfect product for each customer, meeting any specific requirements.

  • 1973
    Company is established
  • 1983
    First patent for the optical inspection of bottle necks
  • 1985
    First endoscope for medical use
  • 1997
    Introduction of a certified QM system and the first 3D endoscope
  • 2007
    Turnover doubles since 2004
  • 2013
    HQ expands again with a modern production and logistics building

The young entrepreneurial couple succeeded based on their reliability, technical expertise, creativity, fairness, and an open, cooperative style when dealing with customers and employees. The same principles that were established back then still apply today, with a workforce of around 300 employees in Denzlingen and a total of 600 around the world. Now a global independent family business, SCHÖLLY sets great store by these values – an approach that not only ensures sustainable growth, but also helps to preserve an individual identity.

SCHÖLLY has an impressive network of production sites as well as sales and service offices spanning areas in Asia, Europe, the United States, and Brazil. Further more, SCHÖLLY has a reputation for being a company that understands how to combine superior technology, strategic foresight, and a strong sense of responsibility to achieve success.