about schölly


EXCELLENCE INSIDE does not happen by chance.

Visions from the home of tinkerers and inventors.

Highly specialized endoscopic technology is certainly not something people would immediately associate with the Black Forest. Fine craftsmanship and an extremely fertile environment for visionaries and inventors, however, is much nearer the mark. In this sense, Denzlingen has always been the ideal place to launch ideas and solutions from SCHÖLLY into the world.

Being open to new experiences and observing exactly what is going on around us are two of the qualities that have made us great – from a small family business to a respected global player.

Knowing where you come from, and not losing a grip on reality are essential prerequisites for being able to compete on an international stage. For SCHÖLLY, it is therefore natural to commit to Denzlingen and the entire region as a location for business that also offers a very attractive quality of life.