about schölly


EXCELLENCE INSIDE means the implementation of our values in the family business.

Company founders Regula and Werner Schölly with their daughter Claudia Schölly

The guiding principle of the shareholders is to optimize profit, not to maximize it.

Succession planning for the next generation is guaranteed by a non-family executive board and an expanded management team that has internalized the same values through many years of service. In addition, there are measures in place to ensure that family members embrace corporate responsibility, thus preserving the SCHÖLLY company culture.

The goals and values that are enshrined in the mission statement of SCHÖLLY apply equally to all employees: expertise, reliability, creativity, fairness, and openness.

In addition to the owners, managers share the social responsibility of the family – both locally and globally. In concrete terms, this means that all employees involved in a process are addressed as equals; we consider everyone to be an essential part of the whole and treat them accordingly.