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You bring us your challenge or idea and we will use our expertise to transform it into a successful solution.

Modern medicine is constantly producing new and innovative treatment methods. One of the most important roles of endoscopy as part of this is to provide a functional approach to the relevant organs and the best visualization possible. There continues to be considerable technological, economic, and ergonomic potential in pioneering new approaches in this area. It is such pioneering solutions that we are working on – together with our customers.

Aesculap® EinsteinVision® 2.0
3D Full HD Laparoscopy System
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da Vinci Patient-Side Cart with SCHÖLLY
3D Visualization
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da Vinci Xi Endoscope,
produced by SCHÖLLY
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You bring your knowledge of the market, we bring a wide range of technologies and assume responsibility for incorporating these in marketable products. The resulting solutions are impressive.

To ensure that your product can be brought to market as quickly as possible, we arrange the necessary device-specific and country-specific approvals at the appropriate time. In this complex and increasingly challenging process, you once again enjoy the benefit of our experience and expertise.


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