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Company tour at SCHÖLLY

Endoscopy, visualization, 2D, 3D from invisible to visible – products that promise a lot of innovation and know-how.
But what exactly does SCHÖLLY do? The classmates of our industrial clerks from the BSZ-Waldkirch were able to take a closer look at this.

The trainees were particularly enthusiastic about the possibilities offered by 3D technology. By looking through 3D glasses, they were able to get a picture of the quality and performance of the endoscopes.

The production departments showed the production of video endoscopes for neurosurgery for a global player as well as the fine glass fibers. A special highlight was the demonstration of an arthroscopy in the demo operating room, during which the participants themselves were allowed to test the imaging of the endoscopes on a silicone knee.

The production of the electronic devices was also visited and the group was impressed by the well-thought-out process. In the mechanics department they could look at some CNC machines before going to the last station, the warehouse. There, the modern storage system surprised with its enormous capacity.

All participants were enthusiastic about the informative tours. And certainly many new perspectives have opened up.