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OEM Products: Our expertise behind your good name

Our OEM products are the perfect addition to your medical technology range. We offer several design options to help you match the look of the visualization products to your brand. The products are also already registered for sale in many countries.

Our OEM products, which you can sell under your good name:

What does OEM products mean for you?

You can immediately benefit from our OEM products and supplement your portfolio with high-quality visualization systems from a single source. This saves you lengthy and costly development, production and, not least, approval processes because our standard products already have the necessary approvals for many countries.

We will also be happy to support you should you wish to commence a registration process in your own name. We can either complete the registration on your behalf or provide you with the necessary documentation.

Are OEM products competitive?

With us, you have an experienced manufacturer at your side. This means that the visualization products with your name are always state-of-the-art. You can be involved in new developments and technological improvements at an early stage and receive high-quality and competitive products.

If applications change or procedures in minimally invasive surgery are standardized, we expand our product range accordingly. A good example is our NIR FI system. Developed on the FlexiVision platform, this visualization system gives you direct access to your NIR FI market.

Integration of additional devices into an endoscopy tower

In addition to visualization products, a conventional endoscopy tower also features devices such as insufflators or pumps. These products are not part of our range, but can also be offered in a uniform design through a cooperation. More information is available here.

Who is the manufacturer of medical OEM products?

You can transfer our existing registrations and sell the products with our item number under your name as "Made by SCHÖLLY". Or you can register the products under your name with our support and appear on the market as a manufacturer. 

What is the usual procedure for ordering medical OEM products?

The products are certified and already approved for sale in many countries under "Made by Schölly". Selecting your design option and setting it up in our production process to incorporate these individual features takes time.