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Medical endoscopy cameras par excellence

The controllers of the FlexiVision camera platform provide the basis for the premium-quality images. The underlying camera board has been designed and developed according to our specifications, which permits the differentiated setting of parameters and enables radical adjustments to the image generation system.

We provide you with camera systems that are based on state-of-the-art technologies and can be modified with individual settings. A number of the basic devices and their features are presented here.

Key Features

4K UHD Resolution

    • 4K in Ultra-HD standard (UHD) with 3840x2160 pixels image size is the new highest standard of imaging. With 50 or 60 progressive full frames per second, the FleviVision 40 offers exactly 4 times the resolution of Full HD and makes the smallest details visible. This makes it possible to work comfortably with large monitors.

    • The 4K camera head offers a high-quality optical zoom for highest image quality in both circular and full-image endoscopy images.

    • Together with the FlexiLux4 4K UHD laparoscopes you get a complete 4K system for highest demands.

Large color gamut BT.2020

    • The large UHD color space enables the display of highly saturated colors that cannot be displayed in the BT.709 HD color space. In endoscopy, intensive red tones in particular benefit from this.

    • Perfect match for perfect colors
      FlexiVision 40 camera with wide color gamut BT.2020 and FlexiLux LED 300 light source with CRI Ra >90 together offer two essential features for outstanding color reproduction.

Under Specifications you can see which devices and device combinations offer these features.

Full HD 1080p resolution

    • HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels from image capture through to the monitor. Our full HD cameras process the HD signal from the camera head to the controller and the monitor. Genuine HD resolution offering better detail visibility than SD cameras.

    • Progressive scan (1080p) generates a very sharp image. For motion in particular, this type of scan has an advantage over interlaced mode because, instead of sending line-limited half images to the monitor, it sends full images.

Video algorithms make all the difference

  • Algorithms can improve image quality, correct technical system errors such as pixel errors and even emphasize special areas. The camera settings are designed to computationally enhance image quality using verified algorithms and therefore offer users the best-possible image display.

    • Auxiliary functions such as edge enhancement, automatic gain control (AGC) and dynamic contrast help to achieve exceptional image performance.

    • Selective video algorithms such as color shift, selective color enhancement, smoke reduction and grid removal enhance image quality for different applications and requirements. With Picture out of Picture (PoP) mode, users have a choice between a full picture or a side by side view.

    Different configurations of the algorithms are integrated in the controllers. See table for a full overview. The various configurations are listed under Specifications.

To enjoy the full picture quality of the video set the quality of the Youtube video player to 1080p.

Multi-connectivity: Different controllers, multiple applications

  • Different camera heads can be connected to each of the three controllers. Depending on the application and requirements of your customers, you can choose the model that suits you best:
    • 4K camera head for highest image quality
    • 3CMOS HD camera head for the very highest Full-HD picture quality
    • 1CMOS HD camera heads as an inexpensive alternative
    • 90° angled camera head for e.g. special applications in urology


  • The controllers offer time-saving, application-specific camera presets for applications in different specialist areas, including laparoscopy, arthroscopy, gynecology, urology, ENT, neuroendoscopy, and even for use with fiber bundle endoscopes.

  • Do you have special requirements or suggestions for a new application, for example? We would be happy to build you a custom solution.

Full HD USB image capturing and video recording

  • USB port for image capturing and video recording in full HD quality onto a USB storage device.

  • A button on the controller or camera head can be used to start the image capturing or video recording.

This feature is integrated into our controllers in different ways. See table for a full overview. The various configurations are listed under Specifications.

Auto light control

    • In AUTO mode, the camera controls the required amount of light fully automatically. To enable this, the controller must be connected to a FlexiLux LED 300 light source via the MIS-Bus.

    • Only as much light energy (= heat) enters the patient's body as is actually required. This reduces the stress for both the patient and the products used.

    • This function facilitates the workflow in the OR. There are no unintentional manual light quantity controls such as too much or too little light. This automatically results in the best image in terms of the amount of light required.

    • This AUTO function can be switched to manual operation.

See table for a full overview. See Specifications for a list of the devices that support this function.

Medical intelligent system (MIS) bus system

  • You use the MIS-Bus to connect the FlexiVision controller to a FlexiLux LED light source. This connection allows the two devices to communicate with each other.

  • The user can then control the light source simply by pressing a button on the camera head.


FlexiVision 40 controller

  • 4K UHD USB Image/Video Capture Controller
      • Full HD Image video recording via USB
      • BT2020 - large UHD color space
      • Two separate 4K UHD laparoscopy settings
      • Video algorithms: Color Shift 1 + 2 | Selective Color Enhancement | Smoke Reduction | Grid Removal with Picture out of Picture mode for the video algorithms  
      • Auto light control with FlexiLux light source LED 300
      • Multi-connectivity: Usable with 4K UHD zoom camera head | Full HD zoom; Full HD fix focal length and full HD 90° angled camera heads

FlexiVision 20 controllers

  • Full HD USB Image/Video Capture Controller

        • Full HD image/video recording via USB

        • Video algorithms: color shift 1+2, selective color enhancement, smoke reduction, grid removal | with picture out of picture mode for the video algorithms

        • Auto light control in combination with FlexiLux light source LED 300

        • Multi-connectivity: Usable with camera heads Full HD 3CMOS zoom; Full HD zoom; Full HD fix focal length; full HD 90° angled

        • Variant also available with USB full HD image capturing (without video function)

FlexiVision 10 controllers

  • Full HD USB Image Capture Controller

      • Full HD image capturing via USB

      • Video algorithms: selective color enhancement, smoke reduction, grid removal

      • Multi-connectivity: Usable with camera heads Full HD zoom, Full HD fix focal length and Full HD 90° angled

 System overview FlexiVision 40
USB Image / Video Capture
FlexiVision 20
Full HD
USB Image / Video Capture
FlexiVision 20
Full HD
USB Image Capture 
FlexiVision 10
Full HD
USB Image
 Video algorithms        
  • Selective color enhancement
  • Smoke reduction
  • Grid removal
  • Color Shift 1 + 2
 Picture out of picture mode (PoP) for   all above
 mentioned algorithms
✓  -
 Integrated galvanic insulation for   future camera heads e.g.   autoclavable or chip-in-tip   endoscopes -
 Full HD USB image capture
 Full HD USB video capture - -
 Automatic light control with FlexiLux   300 LED light source -
 Large color space BT.2020 -  - -
 OR integration module optional optional optional -
 Camera head 4K UHD zoom - -
 Camera head Full HD 3CMOS zoom - -
 Camera heads Full HD zoom, fix   focal length, 90° angled ✓ 

Customized Design Options

Put your stamp on our expertise

  • You can either register the controllers and camera heads under your own name or use our registration with the "Made by SCHÖLLY" label.

  • In either case, you can choose between various different design variants and features, as befits your brand. For larger camera order volumes, we offer even more options.

    For example:
  • Application of an adhesive label featuring your logo
  • Your own front foil design including individual labeling
  • A selection of different front frame colors
  • A selection of different function button illumination colors

Service Options

Service from the manufacturer

  • Your customers have access to SCHÖLLY repair centers around the world.

  • We provide an extensive range of technical services to support your service offering.





Technical specifications are subject to change. The information is not legally binding. The contents are only for information about our products. Reprint, in whole or in part, is not permitted. Medical devices are only allowed to be marketed and used in countries where they have been approved for sales by regulatory authorities. For information on the available market access please contact us.