medical endoscopy


4K UHD Laparoscopes

Outstanding images in 4K UHD quality.

Laparoscopes in 4K UHD quality offer higher resolution from the tip to the sensor of the 4K 3Chip camera head than the conventional HD visualization chain. 




Key features


Quality feature: UHDScope

  • If a SCHÖLLY endoscope bears the lettering "UHDScope", this means that the built-in optical system is optimized for use in a 4K image chain. Compared to HD endoscopes, UHDScopes offer a higher resolution.
  • Fewer reflections and image artifacts maximize contrast for a razor-sharp image, free of interferences.
  • The improved image homogeneity, which is visible in higher resolution at the edges, results in a higher quality overall image impression than with HD laparoscopes.
  • Improved depth of field ensures consistent image quality, even when the working distance changes during application.

Tip segment in 10 mm 4K UHD laparoscopes

  • Through a SCHÖLLY-specific fiber optic arrangement and handling of the fiber-optics in the tip segment, we achieve a homogeneous illumination with sharp edges and an optimal light yield.
  • Thanks to an addition tip segment, the important elements for image quality, such as the lens for example, are ideally protected. This maintains the high quality of the laparoscope.
  • The optical fibers are secured in a strain-free manner and therefore are insensitive to the higher load during processing in the autoclave. This extends the service life and leads to lower operating costs


  • SCHÖLLY laparocopes are subjected to endurance tests under maximum load to ensure material compatibility.
  • Gold-soldered distal and proximal flat ensure the best possible protection of the filigree optical system throughout the entire product life cycle, guaranteeing consistent optical quality.
  • In addition, the laparoscopes have a hermetic seal between the integrated optical system and the optical fibers.
  • We have validated the efficiency of the preprocessing in accordance with the WHO requirement for medical devices.


4K UHD Laparoscopes diameter 10.0 mm, working length 344 mm

  • Direction of view 0°, wide angle
  • Direction of view 30°, wide angle

Customized design options

Put your stamp on our expertise

  • You can register the laparoscopes either under you own name, or you can use our registration with "Made by SCHÖLLY".
  • In each case, you may make your own choice of design variant and select the characteristics that are best suited to your brand. These include:
    • A selection of different types of basic body
    • Two different surface finishes: polished or blasted
    • A high-quality laser marking
    • Different colors of serial ring

Service options

Manufacturer-provided service

  • For 4K UHD laparoscopes, we offer you programs that match the country-specific requirements for repair and replacement and your individual service needs.
  • Your service offerings are strengthened by these technical services.
  • The SCHÖLLY Repair Centers are available to you and your customers all over the globe.


Suitable Products

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