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4K UHD laparoscopes

UHD quality in 10.0 mm diameter

Outstanding images for laparoscopic applications in visceral surgery, urology and gynecology in UHD quality. The 4K UHD laparoscopes for white light applications are available in different viewing directions.

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Quality feature UHDScope

With the UHDScope, the installed optical system is optimized for use in a 4K image chain. Compared to HDScopes, UHDScopes offer:

  • A higher resolution
  • More contrast
  • Optimized image homogeneity
  • Improved depth of field

The delicate optical system is protected by gold-bonded distal and proximal flat glasses. This guarantees consistent optical quality over the entire product life cycle. A hermetic seal between the installed optical system and the optical fibers ensures durability.

Quality feature tip segment

With a SCHÖLLY-specific arrangement and processing of the optical fibers in the tip segment, we achieve homogeneous, sharp-edged illumination and an optimal light yield. In order to ensure high quality over the long term, the sensitive endoscope tips are protected in multiple ways:

  • through an additional tip segment for the lens
  • with optical fibers that are attached without stretching

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