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Mini and standard diameters for minimally invasive PCNL

Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) is mainly performed to remove kidney stones in the renal pelvis. The basis of the instruments are the nephroscopes, which capture the image displayed on the monitor. A high-quality, contrast-enhancing image bundle design ensures a good image.

High-quality, contrast-enhancing image bundle as a quality feature

High-quality image bundles ensure optimal image transmission. Our nephroscopes also have low service requirements and a long service life due to the image bundle design. They achieve a homogeneous image with a low grid structure.

The Grid Removal video algorithm of the FlexiVision camera series can also optimize the image by reducing the visibility of the grid structure as much as possible.

Removable instrument bridge as a quality feature

The removable instrument bridge simplifies and improves cleaning and reprocessing of the nephroscopes.

Nephroscopes and instrument bridges form a closed system that cannot be combined with bridges from other manufacturers. This ensures that unsuitable or inadequate instrument bridges cannot be connected.

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