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Camera systems from the OEM manufacturer

SCHÖLLY consistently relies on new technologies in the development of its camera platforms. The principle here is to offer users both the best image and more image information for the relevant application. As an OEM manufacturer, we rely on our experience of making the hidden visible, our pioneering spirit and our innovative strength.

With our FlexiVision camera platform, you can choose from different cameras with 4K UHD or Full HD resolution. The controllers can be combined with different camera heads.

Customized design options

Our expertise behind your good name You can choose from different design variants. For the cameras, select the degree of individualization that suits your business model. In addition to a simple 3D sticker solution with your logo, a customized front film design and different front frame colors are available for larger camera quantities. Setting up your individual product design in our production process takes time. A detailed agreement between you and our sales team is crucial for joint success.

OEM Products Brochure

Global registrations

Our cameras from the standard range are already approved in many countries. Taking over these registrations will save you considerable time and expense, and allows you to start selling more swiftly. If you want to register the products under your own name, we can supply the necessary documentation – or take over the entire registration process as a service for you.

Service Options

We offer you the service you need For our cameras, we offer service programs that match the country-specific requirements for repair and replacement, as well as your individual service needs. In this way, we support you and your customers worldwide.

More information on our service is available here