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FLEXIVISION® endoscopy camera in 4K UHD quality

A perfectly coordinated camera system

The 4K UHD controller of the FlexiVision camera platform is the basis for first-class 4K UHD images. The camera board has been designed and developed according to our specifications, which permits different parameter settings and enables radical adjustments to the image generation system.

With its BT.2020 UHD color space, the 4K UHD Zoom camera head fits perfectly with the 4K UHD controller.

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4K UHD resolution
4K in Ultra HD standard (UHD) with 3840 x 2160 pixel image size is now a common standard in imaging. With 50 or 60 progressive full images per second, this camera offers 4 times the resolution of Full HD and makes very small details visible. This makes working with large monitors easy.

4K UHD Visualization chain
In combination with the FlexiLux4 4K UHD laparoscopes and theFlexiLux LED300 light source, you receive a modern 4K system for demanding endoscopic applications.

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Perfect device combination for perfect colors
The large BT2020 color space of the camera and the high light source CRI RA of >90 are responsible for the good color rendition.

Video algorithms make the difference
Algorithms can improve image quality, correct technical system errors such as pixel errors and even emphasize special areas. For camera settings, our aim is to improve the image quality by calculation and thus enable users to achieve the best possible display in the respective application.

Supporting features include edge enhancement, automatic gain control (AGC), and dynamic contrast.

Selective video algorithms such as color shift, selective color enhancement, smoke reduction and grid removal improve the image quality depending on the application and requirements. With Picture out of Picture (PoP) mode, users have a choice between a full picture or a side by side view.

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Image and video capture via USB
A USB port is provided on the front of the device for capturing images and videos on a USB storage stick. A button on the controller or camera head is used to start the image or video capture in Full HD quality.

Automatic light quantity control
In AUTO mode, the camera controls the required amount of light fully automatically. To enable this, the controller must be connected to a FlexiLux LED 300 light source via the MIS-Bus.

The light energy (i.e. heat) directed at the patient's body is limited to the amount actually required. This reduces the strain on both the patient and the products used and facilitates the workflow in the OR, as there are no unintentional manual light quantity controls such as too much or too little light.

Medical Intelligent System (MIS) bus system
These two devices can communicate with each other via the MIS bus, which connects the FlexiVision control unit to a FlexiLux LED light source. For example, the light source can be controlled easily by the push of a button on the camera head.

Various camera heads, many applications



The controllers and their multi-connectivity

Various camera heads can be connected to the 4K UHD controller. You can select the right models for you depending on the application and requirements of your customers.

4K UHD zoom

for demanding laparoscopic applications and other endoscopic procedures

Full HD zoom

for standard laparoscopic applications and other endoscopic procedures

Full HD 90° angled

for urology, gynecology and ENT

Full HD autoclavable

for all applications and autoclavability needs

Product benefits FlexiVision 4K UHD USB Image/Video Capture

  • BT2020 – Large UHD color space
  • Full HD video capture via USB
  • Two separate 4K UHD laparoscopy settings
  • Video algorithms: Color shift 1 + 2 |Selective color enhancement |Smoke reduction |Grid removal with Picture out of Picture mode in the video algorithms
  • Automatic light quantity control in conjunction with the FlexiLux LED 300 light source 
  • Multi-connectivity: Can be used with 4K UHD zoom, Full HD zoom, Full HD 90° angled, Full HD autoclavable I and II 

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