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Product training for your sales team

Your sales team receives training for all products that you purchase from us. It is important to us that we not only train your team intensively on the product properties, but also arouse enthusiasm for our products.

Product training at headquarters in Denzlingen
During training at the headquarters, a tour of production and logistics is an important part of the program. With the observation of the individual production steps and the knowledge about the manufacturing methods, identification with the products to be sold increases. There are a multitude of products available for training. A one-to-one comparison with competitor products in our operating show room and the outlook for current developments are also part of this training.

Product training at your site
Do you have your own training or workshop spaces, equipped with the entire portfolio that your team sells? Perfect! In these rooms we can go into even more detail about connecting products to each other and discuss a suitable overall sales strategy with you. If needed, our sales and product management team also are happy to support your product launch or a major sales event.

Product training in our global service centers
Our international structure offers you the opportunity to conduct product training in the country where you are planning to enter the market, for example. In addition to product training, this allows participants get a picture of the technical service options and to discuss individual service requirements for the country concerned.

Product training via webinar
With a webinar, you can have us train a large group at short notice and on a flexible schedule. Video and audio files are supplied to the participants with content you have agreed beforehand.


We would be happy to advise you personally. Simply send a message to service(at)schoelly.de