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A flexible camera platform – with new opportunities for differentiation

The modular approach of FlexiStage offers various possibilities to make new technologies available quickly on the market. Define your visualization system on the basis of our platform and take advantage of the opportunity for new differentiation possibilities by implementing innovative approaches.

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Modular approach: Integrate your proprietary functionality

  • Integrate your software algorithms
  • Integrate your proprietary hardware

With these options, FlexiStage makes new technologies available quickly on the market – an interesting option to differentiate with innovative approaches.

Camera in your own design

  • Your company logo
  • Your housing design language
  • Corporate design
  • Your color scheme and Human Machine Interface (HMI)

The devices fit seamlessly into your existing portfolio.


  • Updates: Easily transfer improvements to your customers.
  • Upgrades: Enables you to enter the market early as soon as sufficient functionality is available. Additional function packages can be installed after the sales launch.

This makes it possible to react to changing requirements long after market entry. The system remains up-to-date for much longer.

Choose your scope of features

  • Generate your own product variants
  • Adapt your sales approach by customizing software functionality
  • Modern business models such as OPEX or pay-per-use

This allows the system to be adapted to the budget of your end customers. Optional functions can be easily purchased and installed by the end customer themselves.

Your sales department can provide your customers with temporary licenses for optional features for testing.

Beyond visible light

  • Basis for increasingly important fluorescence-based marking methods, such as using ICG to visualize perfusion.
  • Marker-free approaches for tissue differentiation
  • Label-free
  • Hyper Spectral Imaging (HSI)

By combining different modalities, e.g. with the integration of endoscopic and microscopic imaging, combinatorics creates new advantages by using both imaging methods simultaneously.


Device-to-device communication and integration into the digital hospital infrastructure

  • Supports SDC communication standard

With SDC, devices can be networked with each other in a manufacturer-neutral manner. Through networking, the devices exchange control commands, status information and alarms.

  • Connection to DICOM and HL7 standard

For the exchange of operating data (loading, storage, archiving of image data, provision of operating data for telemedicine and training)


Consistent 4K capability for 2D | 3D

  • Excellent resolution and color rendering
  • Wide UHD color spectrum for precise, vivid color rendition

Collect (and send) device data

  • Data provides valuable insights into real-world usage scenarios
  • Generate information for planning sales and service activities
  • Preventive maintenance strategies