medical endoscopy


Flexibility in Vision

Are you looking for a product, featuring the best camera technology? Do you want to increase your portfolio with new endoscopy products in the form of a platform, that are future-oriented? SCHÖLLY’s own camera-board platform offers many new clinical features using unique video algorithms which are leading to a perfect image quality.

Your Flexibility is our Vision


One controller for various applications and future developments ensures long-term efficiency and easy handling. The controller can remain in the OR, no matter what application is needed.

Most future camera heads, chip-in-tip and chip-in-scope products from SCHÖLLY can be connected through the multifunction socket. This expandability makes the camera system future-proof.

No compromises in image quality

  • Latest CMOS chip technology offers this native full HD endoscopy camera (with resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels) a brilliant image quality with highest sensitivity.

  • Edge enhancement and dynamic contrast function for best in class performance.

  • The combination of a native full HD camera head and video algorithms lead to a more vivid image.

Video algorithms make the difference

Various video algorithms are included and provide additional image information. The perfect interplay of these processes makes the difference. Demand-driven presets are optimized to the specific application:

To enjoy the full quality of the video, adjust the quality of the Youtube video player on 1080p.

  • Selective Color Enhancement (SCE)
    Highlighting vessels and tissue structures.

  • Smoke reduction
    For a better view during dissection technologies (e.g. HF).

  • Grid removal
    Reduces the honeycomb structure of image bundle endoscopes.

  • Clear view
    Clears the view if liquid blurs the visibility.


All rigid, flexible or semi-flexible endoscopes with standard eyepiece can be connected, along with most future SCHÖLLY chip-in-tip and chip-in-scope products.

Camera Head

  • Small, lightweight and ergonomic camera heads with low heat development.

  • Three different camera heads with digital zoom – one controller.

  • Individually programmable and illuminated function keys on camera head and controller.

Safety first

The light source remote control function on the camera head offers brightness that can be adjusted with the least amount of power needed, avoiding harming the patient or heating up the surgical drape.

Optimized for different applications

Three different camera heads: Parfocal zoom, fix focal length, angulated 90°. Optimized settings for different minimal-invasive applications. Free programmable illuminated function buttons (hot keys).

Full HD image capturing via integrated USB slot

Integrated image capturing module.


Take advantage of the global SCHÖLLY Service Centers with standardized service offers. The product can be updated with upgrades and future features via service interface.


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