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Medical endoscopy cameras from the manufacturer – with crystal-clear image quality

Medical Endoscopy Camera Platform FlexiVision

No compromises in image quality
To give users the best image quality and more information than can be seen on a monitor with the naked eye, we place a continued focus on new technologies and developments. The camera board in the FlexiVision camera platform, for example, was designed and developed according to our specifications based on five years of experience in the field. This permits the differentiated adjustment of parameters and modifications to the camera platform.

We are therefore able to provide you with both custom and application-specific camera settings and properties.

To enjoy the full picture quality of the video set the quality of the Youtube video player to 1080p.

Private Label Design
We offer a range of private label options for our medical endoscopy cameras that allow you to customize the appearance and features of your cameras. The products always feature your logo or chosen lettering to highlight your brand.

To accelerate time to market, we can simply and very swiftly supply a variant featuring your logo as an adhesive label affixed to the front foil of the controller. For larger camera order volumes, we offer even more options. For example, you could choose your own frame color, printing on the camera heads, or a specific front foil design for the controllers.

Global registrations
Our endoscopy cameras are already approved in many countries. Assuming responsibility for the registrations yourself will save you considerable time and expense, and allow you to start selling more swiftly. If you want to register under your own name, we can supply the necessary documentation – or take over the entire registration process as a service for you.

ManufacturerThis means there are two routes to becoming a market operator: as a manufacturer with your own registrations or as a brand for which SCHÖLLY is the registered manufacturer.

More information about our private label process is available here.

FLEXIVISION® camera controllers

Native full HD devices – in various configurations

Depending on the controller configuration, you can choose between video recording, image capturing, selective algorithms, auto light control, and other features.

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FLEXIVISION® camera heads featuring CMOS technology

Full HD camera heads – for all endoscopic applications

The product range includes three full HD camera heads for endoscopy with standard DIN eyepiece: 1x zoom with 14.25 – 28 mm, 2x fix focal length with 14.25 mm, one of which is 90° angled and self-leveling.

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Recommended monitor for FLEXIVISION® camera systems

Monitor with FlexiVision preset for optimum image quality

2D, medical-grade, full HD 27" LCD monitor, perfectly coordinated with devices of the FlexiVision camera platform thanks to preset configuration.

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FLEXIVISION® accessories

Quality accessories for the endoscopy camera range

Select compatible accessories to complement your camera range: reprocessing tray for camera heads, USB keyboard, foot switch, etc.



Technical specifications are subject to change. The information is not legally binding. The contents are only for information about our products. Reprint, in whole or in part, is not permitted. Medical devices are only allowed to be marketed and used in countries where they have been approved for sales by regulatory authorities. For information on the available market access please contact us.