medical endoscopy



A wide variety for all endoscopic applications

The camera heads of the FlexiVision camera platform are suitable for all endoscopic applications, thus allowing one controller to be used by various surgical disciplines.

The native full HD sensor resolution with 1920 x 1080 pixels, progressive scan and 60 images per second delivers an exceptional image display.

Key Features


The different camera heads can all be connected to the same controller, allowing it to be used by different disciplines. To save time, the camera system offers optimized presets for laparoscopic, arthroscopic, gynecological, urological, ENT and neuroendoscopic applications.

The plugs and cables are designed to accommodate frequent attachment and detachment. Thanks to a robust connection, the heads can be used safely over a long period despite frequent interchanging.

Exceptional image quality

The full HD resolution delivers high-contrast images. Users can activate the video algorithms to emphasize the on-screen display of image information such as vascular structures.

Um die volle Bildqualität des Videos zu genießen, stellen Sie die Qualität des Youtube-Videoplayers auf 1080p.


The camera heads are extremely lightweight and come with a long, flexible camera cable, making them easier to use and offering good freedom of movement. The buttons on the camera heads for standard eyepieces are illuminated and have customizable functions.

Full HD camera head, zoom

This camera head has a manually adjustable focal length of 14.25 – 28 mm, ensuring that the full-HD image remains sharp even when zooming. A universal, 2x optical zoom offers a full-screen view.

Suitable for laparoscopic applications.

Full HD camera head, 90° angled

This 90° angled camera head features a self-leveling pendulum mechanism which ensures a constant horizon even when the endoscope is rotated during application. It also includes a locking lever to fix it in a particular position.

Suitable for urology, gynecology and ENT applications.

Full HD camera head, fix focal length

This camera head has a fix focal length of 14.25 mm and high brightness. To protect the endoscope against accidental decoupling, the user simply clicks a locking lever in place.

Suitable for arthroscopy and ENT applications.


Full HD camera heads, zoom, 90° angled, fix focal length

  • 1/3" CMOS image sensor, progressive scan
  • 3x digital zoom
  • Three individual programmable and illuminated buttons
  • For standard eyepiece, with lock to secure the endoscope in place

Private Label Options

Our expertise behind your good name

  • You can either register the camera heads and controllers under your own name or use our registration with the "Made by SCHÖLLY" label.

  • In either case, you can have the camera heads individually inscribed with your logo and/or desired brand name.

Service Options

Service from the manufacturer

  • Your customers have access to SCHÖLLY repair centers around the world.

  • We provide an extensive range of technical services to support your service offering.


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