medical endoscopy



High-contrast images for percutaneous nephrolithotomy.

Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) is mainly used for removing kidney stones from the renal pelvis. The basis of the instrument set is the nephroscope which captures the image displayed on the monitor. High-quality, contrast-enhancing imaging provides an optimal view. 



Key Features

Quality feature: high-performance, contrast-enhancing image bundles

  • Our nephroscopes use high-performance image bundles for optimal image transmission. Thanks to the image bundle design our nephroscopes need less servicing and have a longer service life compared to similar devices with rod lens systems. 
  • The image bundle is designed to ensure that the pixel pitch is as small as possible. This produces a homogeneous image with a minimal honeycomb appearance.  
  • The “Grid Removal” algorithm of the FlexiVision camera series can additionally optimize the image by reducing the visibility of the honeycomb structure as much as possible.

Detachable instrument bridge

  • The detachable instrument bridge facilitates and improves the cleaning and reprocessing of the nephroscopes.
  • A reprocessing tray designed specially for the nephroscopes and instrument bridge, together with special cleaning brushes, complete our range and provide the perfect reprocessing solution.
  • The nephroscope and instrument bridge form a closed system that cannot be combined with bridges from other manufacturers. This ensures that no incompatible or unsuitable instrument bridges are connected.


  • Our nephroscopes are subjected to endurance tests under maximum load to ensure material compatibility.
  • The reprocessing efficiency has been validated in accordance with WHO requirements for medical devices.
  • The illumination fibers and image bundles are designed stress-free and therefore able to withstand the loads imposed in autoclaves. 

Special program: UMP-Set for Ultra-Mini PCNL by Dr. Janak Desai

  • The ultra-small outer diameter of the system minimizes vascular damage within the kidney and helps protect the patient.
  • The special water jet method for flushing out kidney stones and stone fragments achieves a very high stone-free rate.
  • The set consists of an ultra-mini nephroscope with a diameter of 3.0 Fr., a special sheath system with a maximum outer diameter of 13.0 Fr., and a cleaning tray.
  • Use of the UMP-Set requires special introductory training, which we will be happy to discuss with you.  


Mini nephroscope diameter 13.5 Fr., working length 220 mm

  • Direction of view 8° to working channel, diameter working channel 6.0 Fr.,
    for instruments up to diameter 5.0 Fr., 30,000 pixels

Mini nephroscope diameter 13.5 Fr., working length 320 mm

  • Direction of view 8° to working channel, diameter working channel 6.0 Fr.,
    for instruments up to diameter 5.0 Fr., 30,000 pixels

Nephroscope diameter 19.0 Fr., working length 220 mm

  • Direction of view 8° to working channel, diameter working channel 10.0 Fr.,
    for instruments up to diameter 9.0 Fr., 30,000 pixels

Private Label Options

Our expertise labeled with your name

  • You can register the nephroscopes under your own name or, for fast market entry; you can use our registration with “Made by SCHÖLLY”.
  • Additionally you can individualize your nephroscopes by a high-quality laser marking including DataMatrix code.

Service Options

Manufacturer-provided service

  • As manufacturer, we offer service programs for our nephroscopes that suit country-specific repair and replacement requirements and your individual service needs.
  • Your service offerings are strengthened by these technical services.
  • Your customers have access to SCHÖLLY Repair Centers around the world.


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