medical endoscopy

Light Sources

We offer a wide range of light sources, especially for your requirements. They have an outstanding light performance and offer an optimized connection to the light guide cable.

Our latest light source is the FlexiLux 200 LED. It has a long lifetime (>20,000 h) and a low total power consumption. The multi light guide adapter is suitable for systems Storz, Olympus and Wolf.

Our light sources are approved according to medical standards and suitable for the use in the operating room.


  • High Power LED Illumination
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Multi Light Guide Adapter
  • Low Fan Noise
  • Battery-Supplied Mobile Version
  • Long Service Life


Light Guides

  • Strain relieved by kevlar
  • Sturdy silicone tube
  • Guaranteed autoclavable
  • Including adapters for endoscope and light source, multiple brands available
  • Color coding available



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