Technical Service

Dependable quality in all services.

Repair and Exchange Service

Our services follow a simple basic rule: We repair a product if possible; and we replace it when necessary.

To make the underlying decision, we make use of all of our experience. For repairs we assess not only the degree of damage but also verify whether the safety of the product and therefore patient safety can be ensured. If we come to the conclusion that a safe and economical repair is not possible, we offer you a corresponding repair exchange product.

Our transparent services provide the perfect basis for your own clinical service offerings. We make effective and dependable repairs or facilitate an uncomplicated repair exchange within the agreed delivery times.

Catering our services to your requirements allows you to best serve medical clinics and hospitals in all service matters. We are flexible in our offerings and uncompromising in all quality concerns.

This is how you will always receive the service that you need.

Repair Service

With our Repair Service Program, we offer premium repairs with a good cost-performance ratio. Patient and user safety are always paramount in the program.

Exchange Service

Our Exchange Service Program allows you to respond quickly to your customers' requests. The endoscope exchange pool facilitates a repair exchange directly in clinics and hospitals.


Technical specifications are subject to change. The information is not legally binding. The contents are only for information about our products. Reprint, in whole or in part, is not permitted. Medical devices are only allowed to be marketed and used in countries where they have been approved for sales by regulatory authorities. For information on the available market access please contact us.