Your Service

Your advantage: our manufacturing expertise.

Verlässliche Qualität bei allen Service-Leistungen

You will get the best service for our products from us. This is because we know precisely why they were developed, how they are constructed and what special demands they are exposed to during use.

No one else has this advantage in know-how. We gladly make use of this to be able to develop concepts that suit your customers' service requirements. If needed, this can also be structured globally.

Our own service centers in the USA, Brazil, Japan and China are already well-established in many of your markets. They also profit from our manufacturing expertise and work according to uniform and audited quality standards. Our repairs comply with regulatory requirements - worldwide.

This allows us to offer you exactly the service that you need for our products around the globe.

Your Service

In the Your Service Program, we work with you to develop a customized concept. From preventive maintenance which allows you to extend the useful life of products and increase the reliability of access in clinics, through to upgrades and worldwide servicing centers that can take individualized care of the products in your target markets.


Technical specifications are subject to change. The information is not legally binding. The contents are only for information about our products. Reprint, in whole or in part, is not permitted. Medical devices are only allowed to be marketed and used in countries where they have been approved for sales by regulatory authorities. For information on the available market access please contact us.