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2D- and 3D- Chip-in-Tip-Systems

2D and 3D CIT Systems

Innovations arise from technology: Chip-in-Tip (CIT) endoscopes in the 1 mm diameter range

The smallest image sensors in the endoscope tip decrease the diameter range of CIT endoscopes. Along with a flexibly configurable camera platform, visualization systems can be developed with innovative product features.


What can be achieved by reducing the diameter of endoscopes?


More room for other functions

Nowadays a multitude of operations are carried out with endoscopes in the field of minimal invasive surgery. The procedures are often gentler on the patient; it is verifiable that fewer complications such as secondary bleeding occur.
Along with endoscopes, various other instruments are necessary here, in order to work not only diagnostically but also therapeutically. Instruments are guided and necessary operation steps are carried out by the images that endoscopes transmit to the monitor.

If the space requirement for the image transmission is reduced by means of thinner endoscopes, other necessary functions, such as e.g., the working channel for instruments or the flow for suction can be enlarged: a clear advantage for applications such as, for example Ureterorenoscopy or PCNL.

Opening up new application fields

Until now, there have been some areas in the body that could not be reached by an endoscope. By placing image sensors either in an instrument via a flexible hose or by constructing the visualization so that it can be inserted through a vessel, new areas of application can be opened up. We envision here disposable implementations, for example in cardiology, as well as visualization systems for endoscopic spine surgery or sialendoscopy.

Improved image quality in a smaller diameter range

The combination of CIT endoscopes with the flexibly configurable FlexiVision camera platform enables an improvement of image quality. Because the camera settings can be individually adjusted to the attached endoscope and special video algorithms can be selected, the image quality is significantly improved.

Smallest CIT endoscopes can be connected, thanks to a galvanic insulation in the controller. By this, camera heads become easier to handle, lighter and generate less heat.

The combination of CIT + FlexiVision camera system is unique

As an OEM manufacturer, we offer our customers the development and production of a complete visualization system that is required for a special use. So you can sell a product created especially for your market under your brand. A completely unique opportunity.


SCHÖLLY has had several ideas in the field of 2D / 3D CiT endoscopes patented. In doing so, we assure our customers that they receive competitive products and we further develop our technological leadership with even newer technologies.


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