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Start of apprenticeship at SCHÖLLY

The new trainees at SCHÖLLY had an exciting start. On the very first day a special hike was on the agenda. All SCHÖLLY trainees marched through the Black Forest, Germany, each with an alpaca on a leash.

The idea to do an alpaca tour came from the current trainees and the new trainer. In order to ensure a good start the experienced trainees were involved in the training plan for the newcomers. The excursion provided an opportunity for all trainees to get to know each other better right from the start. The two-hour walk with Peggy, Pablo, Tilli & Co that communicate with adorable buzzing sounds, was ideal for this and was well received by all.

In addition to the alpaca walk the trainees also prepared a small welcome gift: Everyone received a school cone with gifts and sweets.

Since September 1st, SCHÖLLY now has six new trainees, three of them in the technical field, two in the commercial field and one in the field of media design. SCHÖLLY welcomes all of them and wishes them an exciting and instructive time.