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Change as a constant - SCHÖLLY and AESCULAP shape the future.

Medical technology has continued to develop at an increasing pace over the past 40 years. There have also been significant changes at SCHÖLLY in recent times.


After transferring the robotics endoscopy business to Intuitive Surgical in 2019, the Schölly family took the next step as part of a future-oriented succession plan. In 2021, a further 42% of the shares were transferred to Aesculap AG, which is now the majority shareholder with 70%.

This change opens further perspectives for us. On the one hand, we continue to develop technologies and products as an economically sound partner for innovative companies and make them available to various companies and markets in the form of global marketing. At the same time, there is a boost for new business areas, into which a maximum of our technological knowledge and skills flows.

More information on Schoelly: Press Release 2021-04-16