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Freiburg Marathon - The Countdown is on

In just a few days we´ll hear the starting shot for the 2019 Marathon in Freiburg. SCHÖLLY´s runners are busy with final preparations. As in past years, our athletes are taking part in various disciplines. What drives them to become a part of such an event? We asked our marathon, half-marathon and 10-km runners:


“I enjoy sounding out my physical limits, overcoming them through hard training and mental strength, and redefining them again and again.”

Marathon runner


“Because the Freiburg Marathon takes place directly at our doorway, it offers the perfect opportunity to kick off the running season. It´s always a wonderful event with a colorful supporting program and gives me the chance to test myself and push myself to a new personal best.”

Half-marathon runner


“After taking part in my first ‘AOK Run’ (10-km run) last year, I have now discovered this run as a further motivation for myself. The preparations have been a lot of fun. On the day itself you get an even greater motivational boost from the special energy on and along the route.”

10-km runner


On Sunday, 07 April 2019, a total of 11 athletes from SCHÖLLY will head for the start.