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Winner of the German aviation innovation award 2018

The German aviation innovation award took place at the ILA (Innovation and Leadership in Aerospace) on April 25 2018 in Berlin. In the category "Cross innovation" the winners are Rolls Royce in cooperation with SCHÖLLY FIBEROPTIC GMBH and Fraunhofer IPK.

The award honors innovations that have a direct benefit for the civil aviation. The winner team developed an endoscopic cleaning tool, which increases the longevity and reduces the maintenance costs of an aircraft engine. With the endoscopic cleaning tool a cost-intensive disassembly of the engine can be avoided. Under endoscopic view the new tool can be steered precisely to the turbine blades into the engine. The tool with integrated camera module and cleaning head uses existing fuel injector entrances to reach its goal. The water pressure up to 500 bar enables the cleaning of foreign particles such as volcanic ash for example, which stays in the cooling holes of the turbine blades and prevent sufficient cooling. During flight operation the deposits can lead to local melting of the material, which means an early replacement of the blades.

The endoscopic cleaning tool shows the knowhow transfer of medical endoscopy into industrial applications. SCHÖLLY is driving this transfer in his industrial business field. Under the brand name Visualization Plus SCHÖLLY offers solutions that combines endoscopy with repair demands.