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Barbecue at SCHÖLLY – finally celebrating

For years, the SCHÖLLY barbecue has been organized by the trainees. This time, the apprentices from the first year of their apprenticeship had the opportunity to prove themselves. The decision for the barbecue was taken shortly before the event and with the short time frame and the lack of experience due to a 2-year break from the festival, the trainees had particularly difficult conditions. But they rolled up their sleeves and threw themselves into the organization. "In the course of the project, we learned to structure ourselves well. So many things had to be thought of, such as food, entertainment points but also playlists for the background music," reported one of the trainees in charge.

Then the big day arrived and from 5 p.m. the courtyard filled with good-humored guests. "You had the feeling that it was really necessary to get together again after so much home office and Corona restrictions," reported the trainees. In addition to official speeches and acknowledgements, a photo box was set up as entertainment, and a raffle was also offered. The weather was as good as the atmosphere. "For us, it was like a quiet reward to see people having so much fun," said someone from the trainee team.

Organizing such a big event for 350 employees is a challenging task, which the trainees did very well. All employees had a lot of fun and experienced an impressive evening. Through this responsible project, the trainees have now also gotten to know each other better. "It was cool to get to know the other trainees, e.g. from the mechanical department, and also to see the new trainees who will be starting in September," said one commercial trainee.