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SCHÖLLY trainees at CONTROL 2019


2019_SYD_Control_Azubis01.jpgSCHÖLLY offers its third-year trainees of various courses (Business Management Assistant, Technical Product Designer, Industrial Mechanic, Warehouse Logistics Specialist) the chance to visit a trade fair and see up close and live how SCHÖLLY presents itself to the market.

Seven trainees visited the CONTROL exhibition (International Trade Fair for Quality Assurance) in Stuttgart in May 2019.

Spread over 6 halls a large number of manufacturers from various industries presented their products. They showcased their portfolio with a mixture of catalogues, big displays and live product presentations.

It was particularly interesting to see that visualization systems are used for a wide range of applications and which possibilities this provides for the users.



When we arrived at the SCHÖLLY booth we were given a warm welcome and a short presentation of the products that SCHÖLLY had on display.

In addition to that, we received a small specific task which we accomplished with great enthusiasm. The task was to identify another visualization system with a better image resolution than SCHÖLLY. We scanned the booths of all competitors, but couldn´t find another visualization system with a Full-HD resolution.


2019_SYD_Control_Azubis03.jpgAmong the various other exhibitors we were already familiar with companies like Carl Zeiss, Olympus or Hipp Endoskop Service. It was very interesting for us to see the complete product range of these companies.