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Denzlingen Culture Prize 2019

Monika Holubarsch was honored for her long-standing commitment as initiator and director of the ecumenical children & youth choir in Denzlingen.

The award was presented by Frank Leenen, former cathedral chapel master in Rottenburg. Donor Regula Schölly also praised the work and commitment of Monika Holubarsch and pointed out, that she was not involved in the selection process because of her familial ties to the award winner.

The award ceremony was the concluding event of the "Kulturwoche" (cultural week) in Denzlingen, which is supported by SCHÖLLY FIBEROPTIC GMBH as a main sponsor.

Picture: Markus Zimmermann

At the award ceremony: Mayor Markus Hollemann, presenter Frank Leenen, award winner Monika Holubarsch and donor Regula Schölly