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EXCELLENCE INSIDE from the first idea to a marketable product.

Ready to use systems or individual services - we will take care of it.

Our experts develop and implement tailor-made solutions to meet your requirements. You can request a complete package or decide on just those modules from our portfolio that suit your particular needs, from the initial design to a global after-sales service. Our product and project managers, design engineers, quality managers and registration experts are involved during the entire process in order to develop the ideal solution for you.


Our work always begins by giving thorough consideration to our customer’s needs and wishes. An interdisciplinary team of specialists works with the customer to come up with the best possible solution to a specific problem from both a technological and economic standpoint. We focus not only on technological relevance and practicality, benefit, and cost-efficiency, but also on the possibility of worldwide after-sales service. After defining the process and time period together, nothing stands in the way of a solution’s continued realization. The goal of this conception phase is the mutual preparation of an initial specification document.


A special fast-track production process and a handmade manufacture allow us to work faster and prevent severe concept errors, which would not be viable with normal processes. This head start in the product’s time to market provides our customers with an important competitive advantage. Using rapid prototyping techniques in this stage, we create models that reinforce the product concept and technical design with feasibility studies. The goal of this prototyping stage is the mutual preparation of a comprehensive specification document outlining the next steps.


Based on the approved specification document, a team of specialists in the fields of microoptics, mechanics, electronics, and software develop the product in our development center in Denzlingen. In this context, our main focus is on highest quality and the ability to produce large and small quantities in a cost efficient process. Sophisticated industrial engineering and an internal jig department guarantee the reliability of our production process. Thus our teams work in line with documented mile stones. At this stage, developing suitable service concepts is already an an integral part of our work.


Early on in the development process, a team comprised of approximately 20 individuals ensures that our products comply with international standards, in order to obtain all the necessary certificates and approvals. Defined and documented process steps, IEC reports, our own certified testing laboratory, and comprehensive internal quality management contribute to the process of smoothly acquiring product, country, and sectorspecific approvals. In addition, thorough tests with regard to functions and practical application are carried out with the involvement of the customer and users before a product is approved for serial production.


Our high level of vertical integration – particularly when it comes to critical components such as lenses, software, and cables – gives us the ability to conduct continuous quality controls with short lead times. Production facilities around the world, modern machinery, the globally practiced 5S workplace organization method, and regular training seminars all serve to safeguard our high standards of quality. Individual pieces and small batches can be produced at our manufacturing facility in Denzlingen, Germany, where we manufacture by hand. This allows our specially trained employees with production and construction expertise to respond quickly to our customers’ needs. Our production facility in Bulgaria likewise operates in accordance with German standards, giving us the ideal combination of quality and cost-effectiveness.

After Sales Service

Attractive offers for the technical service of our products round out our portfolio. Our worldwide service network offers a high-level customer service and modular service concepts, tailored to local conditions. From repair to exchange programs – our service is prompt and reliable. Regular audits of our service centers ensure highest quality with uniform processes, equipment, and tools. We also conduct regular training at our headquarters, which ensures that all those in contact with customers are always up to date on the current state of technology.