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Successful special solutions from Schölly

Endoscopic modules for use in complex image processing systems

When our customers come together with their application knowledge and experienced SCHÖLLY specialists with diverse technological know-how, innovative solutions are created.

Several systems for different customers in different applications are currently undergoing final on-site testing at the end customer. Not all tests have been completed yet, but so far the systems have proven themselves excellently under very different environmental conditions and have delivered the images required by the customers for further processing.


  • Inline visualization in chemistry, pharmacy, in the production of food and beverages as well as in process engineering plants
  • Optimization of process parameters with the help of industrial cameras and special image processing software
  • Process monitoring and automation in harsh process environments using visual methods
  • Inspection and diagnostics with mobile image processing systems
  • Can also be used for applications outside the visible spectral range

* SPS (Memory Programmable control): Digital device unit for controlling or regulating a machine or plant.

** SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition): System architecture for monitoring and controlling technical processes.

Technical implementation

SCHÖLLY developed various endoscopic modules optimized for the application in customer-specific design. The endoscopy module is connected to common industrial cameras via a standard interface.

Available image processing programs from commercial providers or a customer’s own, customized evaluation software are used for the evaluation. By shielding the optical system and using active cooling, the complex endoscopic modules can deliver reliable images up to an ambient temperature of several 100 ° Celsius.

The integration of additional sensors within the endoscope unit enables, for example, temperature monitoring of the module.


Thanks to our many years of experience in the implementation of high temperature applications and our own expertise in optical calculation, we are able to realize endoscopic solutions with maximum image quality.

Our customers benefit from an extensive network of partner companies and subsidiaries whose know-how is incorporated into the implementation of individual solutions in mechanical system integration or optical coatings.

Extensive expertise in technical development and project management combined with the professional series production of a successful medical technology manufacturer guarantee a consistently high quality standard from conception to production.

Additional information

Where are SCHÖLLY products used? What practical tips are there for the various areas of application? Find out more about this in our expertise area.

The turbine of an airplane.

Areas of application

Our endoscopes, inspection systems and customer-specific solutions support our customer‘s value creation
process in various industries.

A defective component which is examined with the help of an endoscope.

Application examples

Whether for manual spot checks or 100 % inspections – first-class inspection results will give you useful information about the internal condition of your components.

Two employees look at the image recorded by the endoscope.

Industry Report

A look behind the scenes: customer-specific developments, from requirements to practical use in an industrial environment.

3D Endoscopes


Our customers contribute their knowledge of the market; we offer a wide range of technologies for the implementation in marketable products.